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Mr. K.K.Saradchadra Bose


Mrs. Harini Saradchadra Bose


Bose holds a law degree from Karnataka University (India) and holds MBA in International business and Diploma in Business management. Started his practice in the UAE (Dubai & Sharjah) in 1977 as a partner at ‘The Lawyers’. He joined Dar Al-Adalah, Advocates & Legal Consultants, Dubai, in the year 2001 and serves in the position of Partner. He is also the founding partner of Bose & Bose (1995) with his wife Harini Bose who is also a lawyer with him at Dar Al- Adalah.

He has over 30 years of experience in the filed of law and his professional acumen includes advising banks and corporate bodies and handling over 10,000 cases between 1980 and 1985 periods alone. He heads the Corporate, Commercial & Contracts department with a team of lawyers. Rendering world class legal service in Dubai and other jurisdictions for the last over 30 years, he is known for his success in corporate & contract matters. He travels extensively to represent and protect the interest of his clients.

Playing a pivotal role for the success of the Firm, he currently fulfills the legal needs of several clients in the most efficient and responsive manner. His solid performance has yielded excellent results, reflecting progress & growth of the firm.

Bose is also a social worker, involved in extending support to the Orphans / needy and deserving at all levels.

Bose's expertise includes:

*       Advisor to several multinational companies and banks.

*       Strong authority on corporate, commercial and contract matters.

*       His outstanding achievements appear regularly in various publications making him permanent Columnist.

*       Profound knowledge of both common law and civil law systems.

*      Visionary leadership and management along with astounding knowledge on the laws and court systems in different countries.

*       His culture and governance uphold the highest due diligence, quality and transparency.

*       His strategies are geared up to achieve stable & sustainable income with maximum cost efficiency associated with greater risk assessment capabilities, leading to growth and prosperity.



*        Handled over 10,000 cases during 1980-85 periods.

*        Advising several corporate bodies and banks.

*        Member of the International Bar Association.

*        Visiting professor in international business law.

*        Legal columnist in several publications.

*        Addressed over 100 law seminars as a guest speaker.

*        Travelled extensively to serve his international clients.

*        Expert in ADR.



*       Founder-Chairman of Gulf Trivandrum Air Fare Forum (1989), campaigned and got the up-gradation and declaration of Trivandrum airport in India in the year 1991 as the 5th International Airport after independence and hence nick named as 'Airport Bose'

*       Organized non-profit social events for promoting global peace & friendship under the name “Onam for  Global Peace & Friendship” during 1992-1997 at which over 11,000 guests attended in 1992, over 15,000 guests in 1993 & 1994 and over 25,000 guests in 1995 with Onam lunch served to all guests, and also conducted Onam Car rally in Dubai in 1995 - hence nick named as 'Onam Bose’

*       Founder-Chairman of Overseas Indian Charitable Society (1995) and organized group marriages of couples selected from orphanages and served Onam lunch to over 56,000 inmates of all the orphanages in Kerala. 

*       Life member of several clubs and social enterprises.  

*       Social activist and social reformer.

Bose' Philosophy

'Be straight forward! Give Right advice'!